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Celestron Moon Filter Set 1.25

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Four great Moon filters in one kit—everything you’ll ever need for optimal views of the lunar surface.

  • Filters Fit 1.25" Eyepieces/Accessories
  • Choose the Right Filter for Each Phase
  • ND96-0.9 13% Light Transmission Filter
  • ND96-0.6 25% Light Transmission Filter
  • Three neutral density (ND) filters with different levels of light transmission (13%, 25%, and 50%) allow you to choose the perfect filter for your viewing conditions

  • Moon & Sky Glow filter provides high contrast views of the lunar surface and enhances observation of deep sky objects from light polluted skies

  • Aluminum filter cells provide a rigid, durable housing for the filter glass and are threaded on top and bottom for stacking

  • Kit includes a plastic carrying case with Moon map and legend for identifying the most popular lunar features