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Celestron - Tripod Vibration Suppression Pads


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Simple and effective pads dampen tripod vibrations for more stable views through your telescope or mounted binoculars.

They are recommended for any kind of telescopes, spotting scopes and camera tripods and will benefit the beginners and the experts alike.

Tripod vibration can be a continual source of frustration for both visual observers, astro-imagers, or terrestrial photographers, and no matter how solid a telescope mount or camera tripod appears, there is always some residual vibration which can be removed.

Telescope vibration is caused by wind, an unsteady mount or tripod - or even while just focusing the instrument, which results in reduced image quality when observing through your telescope, or taking astro images. The higher the magnification, the more noticeable this becomes.

The products is made from two different types of plastic polymer, the black components being hard and the pink with visco-elastic properties which absorbs and dampens vibrations extremely effectively. A 50% reduction in "settling down" time is possible, improving the performance of your telescope mount or camera tripod considerably.

The vibration Suppression pads fit between the base of the tripod legs and the ground, and they work on any surface, such as concrete, asphalt, grass, dirt or wood.

These new Vibration suppression pads are a simple and effective solution to the problems of image vibration.  


● Pad Weight: 120grams

Package Content:

● 3 x Tripod Vibration Suppression Pads

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