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Crystal Mining



Excavate and unearth your very own crystals with the crystal mining kit. Shelve into the untapped soil, deep into the burrows and quarries with your shovel for tigers eye, rose quartz and authentic minerals. Process and separate your mineral sand finds and share with your friends. Have fun searching for your gifts, digging at the sand and then studying your conquests. Perfect for Christmas or the school holidays. Once you complete your mining expedition; put your stones on display or gift them in a camel pouch bag.


  • You dig, you study, you gift or display!
  • Digging for buried treasure, excavate your crystals
  • Display your finds in a museum or your own collection pamphlet


  • Contains 1 plaster block with 8 natural crystals buried inside
  • 1 specific digging tool
  • 1 brush
  • 1 magnifier
  • 1 set display with cover
  • 1 base card
  • 1 pouch bag to gift crystals in
  • Instructional guide with fun facts to educate