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Johnco Frilled Lizard Robot

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Johnco have a range of award-winning educational DIY solar, coding and robotics build-and-play kits for children. With an emphasis on STEM and educational toys,

This AI super lizard robot has an infrared sensor that is programmed to ‘escape’ or ‘follow-me’.

If the infrared sensor is activated in the ‘escape’ mode, the robot will automatically act “shocked” – spreading its frill, dropping its jaw, illuminating its bi-color LED eyes and it will scurry away from you until it escapes to a safe distance.

If the infrared sensor is switched to the ‘follow-me’ mode using the 2-way function switch, then the robot will assess danger by bluffing the attacker (unfurling and shaking its frill). When the robot doesn’t sense danger, it will proceed to follow you like a pet lizard.

The Frilled Lizard is programmed with two interesting interactive modes:

  • Mode 1 – it is a freely moving and detects all around to avoid obstacles
  • Mode 2 – follow me like a pet

Johnco – Frilled Lizard Robot : This friendly reptile is all set to become the world’s greatest pet, but first you need to give him the gift of life. Learn all about robotics and programming while you construct your very own artificially intelligent, highly mobile Australian frilled lizard. Once built, you’ll find that your frilled lizard has an infra-red sensor. This is programmed for two different walking modes, “escape” and “follow me”, making him the best trained pet ever! LED lights in his eyes, an opening and closing mouth as well as an exceptionally impressive movable frill make him an exceptionally special creation indeed.

It’s easy to see why this fearless guy was named 2015 Educational Product of The Year winner by the Australian Toy Association. So get on your thinking cap, engage your inner engineer and let’s make a pet!


  • A perfect pressie for young minds aged 10 and up
  • Kit includes everything you need to build a fully function robot lizard
  • Robot is fully mobile and has numerous movable partsIt has fast-running legs, a wagging tail and a frill that pops up and shakes!


  • Dimensions: (when assembled) Lizard is 37 cms long
  • Not included: side cutters, a Philips head screwdriver
  • Batteries: 4 x AAA batteries (not included)

For ages 10 years +