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Nano Science Lab

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Discover the tiny world of nano science by investigating colour changing liquid crystals and iridescent butterfly wings. Test UV blocking sunscreen and make rainbow interference patterns in soap films. Build a DNA model, get sticky with gecko feet, and clean up an oil spill with water-hating nanomaterial.

Learn about Interference patterns in light nanostructures, Hydrophobic Materials, Structure and function of DNA, Nanoscale change Make A flying iridescent Butterfly, Stick Gecko Tricks, DNA Model, Nanoscale soap film, sunscreen UV Test.

It might be tiny in size, but the future of nanotechnology will be huge. WILD! Science™ is a range of collectable science kits with Attitude! They are designed to have great play value while exploring important scientific concepts and skills.

Age: 8+

Nanoscience Lab by WILD! Science™ 

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Scientific process