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Eyepiece & Filters Accessory Kit


Mystery Planet is Celestron Authorised Dealer

Perfect for beginners and casual observers for more viewing options. The Celestron PowerSeeker Eyepiece and Filter Accessory Kit includes 2 Eyepieces (9mm and 15mm), 3 Filters ( Blue, Deep red, Moon filter), lens cloth and a portable hard case. The hard case is foam lined for added protection, while the lens cloth allows you to keep your filters in optimal condition, ready for action.

Fully coated planetary filters are used to optimise your planetary viewing. These filters will enhance details of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and the Moon. Make sure to use the Moon filter when observing the Moon during brighter phases - you will notice the difference!

Planetary Filter Use

Medium-blue Filter 
Enhances the contrast of the cloud belts on Jupiter and the polar zones on Saturn

#25  Deep red colour
Enhances the polar ice caps on Mars


These eyepieces fit any 1.25" standard eyepiece barrel and may be used on your Celestron PowerSeeker or many other telescope brands, including Celestron, Saxon, Skywatcher, Orion and more.